Kadai Mushroom Lal Shimla Mirch Masala

Kadai Mushroom masala and Kadai Paneer Masala are mostly cooked in many households and loved by all too.

I tried to add some zest and colour to Kadai Mushroom Masala and yes the experiment was a hit with my family.

The freshly made Kadai masala enhances the taste and gives a nice aroma.

Recipe for Kadai Mushroom Lal  Shimla Mirch Masala:


500 Gms Button Mushrooms washed and cut into pcs

1 Red Shimla Mirch or Red Bell pepper cut into pcs

Oil 1 Tbsp

Bay Leaves  2

Cloves     2

Cinnamon 1 Inch pc

Dry Red Chillies 2

Coriander Seeds Crushed 2 Tbsp

Coriander Powder 1 Tsp

Red Chilli Powder 1 Tsp

Onions  2  finely chopped

Tomatoes 4 finely chopped

Ginger Paste  1 Tsp

Garlic Paste 1 Tsp

Salt to Taste

Fresh Cream ½ Tbsp

Coriander chopped (for garnish)


Dry Roast Bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, dry red chillies and grind coarsely.

Heat oil in pan. Add crushed Coriander powder, ginger and garlic paste. Roast for a second. Add the finely chopped onions and saute till they turn little brownish. Add the freshly ground kadai masala, red chilli powder and chopped tomatoes and saute till the oil separates. Add Mushrooms and red Bell pepper/ lal Shimla mirch. Add ½ cup water and salt to taste. Cover it with a lid and let it cook on low flame for 8 to 10 mins. Switch off the flame once done. Add fresh cream on the top, garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot with Rotis or Phulkas.

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