Tomato Pizza

Healthy and yummy snack that satisfies your hunger pangs and can be prepared within 10 mins.Can be eaten by young and old.
Another addition to my experiments.I am sure it will be loved by all and no one can eat just one.



1 big Red tomato sliced round.Place it on the greased baking tray.

Handful of Corn Kernels
Handful od Chopped Spinach
Permasan cheese
Mozerrela Cheese
Pepper powder less than 1/4 Tsp
Chilli flakes less than 1/4 Tsp
Salt to taste

Mix all the above ingredients and spread it on the Tomato.Sprinkle cheese generously.
You can any veggie of your choice and grated paneer too.

Pre heat the oven at 180C for 5 mins.Place the baking tray in the preaheated oven for 5 to 7 mins and serve.




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