Tri Colour Idli (Made in Microwave)

I love Idli as they are easy to steam and good for health too. A perfect way to incorporate veggies into your child’s diet who is fussy. I disguise them in idlis and serve them with yummy peanut chutney to satiate their hunger pangs.

Today I will share a quick idli recipe that can be made in a microwave in just 1 minute.Yes you heard it right.

Recipe for Idli Batter:


3 Cups Idli Rice

3/4 Cup Urad dal (whole)

1 Tsp Fenugreek Seeds


Soak fenugreek with rice for 5 Hrs. Soak Urad dal separately for 5 hours. First wash the urad dal and grind with cold water to get a fine paste. Add water at regular intervals and not at once. Too much water will flatten the idli and less water will harden the idli.Then grind rice and fenugreek to  smooth and watery consistency .Mix the rice batter with the the  Urad dal batter. Add Salt and mix the batter with clean hands.

Keep it outside to ferment.

Do not over mix the batter before you make idlis.

Idli Batter is now ready.

Tri Colour Idli:


For Green Idli— 1 cup of idli batter , 1 cup of Spinach Puree and salt(I have blanched the spinach and made a fine paste in a blender)

For Orange Idli—1 Cup of Idli batter,1 Cup of Carrot puree and salt(I have boiled one carrot and made a fine paste in a blender)

For White idli–Normal idli batter


I have used silocon mould in the shape of starfish. Pour the colour batter in each mould and microwave for 1 minute in normal reheat mode.

Yummy triclour Idlis are ready . Serve with yummy peanut chutney or any dip of your choice.



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4 thoughts on “Tri Colour Idli (Made in Microwave)”

  1. Wow Preethi these tricolour idli looks so cute. Loved the idea of making idli in silicon muffins mould. It will be more quick than normal idli. Awesome share.

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