Ridge Gourd and Spinach Soup

Bangalore weather has been cold for the last few days.  Saw some heavy downpour due to cyclone.Our theme-“Soup” for Foodie Monday was apt for this weather.

I got some fresh Ridge Gourd and Spinach from my farm(Free of pesticides). I made this yummy Soup to beat the cold.What more could i ask for?

My family just loved it.Better than the store bought soups. Less sodium and no fats. Absolutely healthy and something different from the regular soups.It is a one pot meal and totally filling.Light on Tummy and hips too.

Recipe for soup(One Serving)


1/4 Ridge gourd skin peeled
1 medium tomato
1/4 cup spinach
3 garlic pods.

Boil the veggies in 3/4 glass of water for about 8 to 10 mins.
Once done blend it  to fine paste.Add the water too to blend .
Add salt and pepper.Garnish with a mix of flaxseed,bajra,chia seeds and green gram powder and lotus seed.

Heat a few drops of oil in a pan.Toss the asparagus and lotus seeds with some pepper powder and salt.

Serve this with the soup.

Enjoy !!!!


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