Quinoa & Fresh Pigeon Peas Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi bele bath is a most popular one pot meal from the state of Karnataka. It is loaded with veggies and spices  that add a unique flavor to the dish. It is eaten along with Papad or Raita. I managed to lay my hands on some fresh pigeon peas from my farm.

I decided to make this one pot meal for our #Foodiemonday #Bloghop theme. This one pot meal theme was suggested by Sujata Roy di who blogs at nandanvankitchen.wordpress.com. Do check out her lovely collection.

Recipe for Quinoa & Fresh Pigeon peas BBB

Ingredients for BBB Masala:

4 Tsp Urad dal / Black Gram

4 Tsp Channal Dal / Bengal Gram

1 Tsp(Heaps) Cumin /Jeera

25 Gms Cinnamon (Approx 4 Sticks)

16 Cloves

Cardamom 5-6

1 Tsp Poppy Seeds (Optional)

8 Tsp Coriander seeds

Fresh Curry leaves

8 Tsp Grated Coconut (Kopra)(Optional)

30-35 Dry Red Chilli( Byadgi)


Roast all the ingredients seperately and powder it.

Ingredients for BBB:

1 Cup Quinoa

1 Cup Organic brown rice
1Cup Toor dal
1 carrot
2 potatotes
A bunch of beans

1 Cup of Fresh Pigeon Peas


Chop  the veggies in the same way as you chop for making sambhar.
Boil Quinoa, rice, veggies(potato ,pigeon peas,beans and carrot) and dal together with 5 cups of water.

Soak (1 to 1.5 big lemon size) tamrind for 15 mins.

Once the rice dal and veggies are done, add the tamrind pulp and salt to taste. Add 4 tsp of BBB masala powder and let it boil till the masala blends well.
For Tadka:
1 capsicum cut into small pcs

1 Onion (Cut lengthwise)
1 tsp mustard
8 to 10 cashews/ Peanuts
Red dry chilli 2
Curry leaves
Hing 1/4 tsp

Heat a tsp of ghee in the pan.Add mustard and cashews or peanuts. Then add cut capsicum and onions. Shallow fry for 5 mins.Then add red chillies,hing and curry leaves.Switch off the stove after 2 mins.
Garnish on the Rice and serve hot with raita or papad.


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