Egg & Bell Pepper Biryani

I started blogging eight months back. My journey has been a learning process which has helped me to make so many friends who guide and encourage me at every step. Thank you all for your love, guidance and encouragement. I am so happy to share my 100th post with you today. Looking forward to your support and encouragement in future too.

Egg & Bell Pepper Biryani one of my Chotu’s (younger son) favorite. This is very easy recipe and can be made quickly with available ingredients at home. It is flavorful and colourful. The use of fresh spices adds to the rich flavor and taste.

Recipe for Egg & Bell Pepper Biryani:


2.5 Cups of Basmati Rice

4 Hard Boiled Egg

2 Tsp Jeera/ Cumin

1 Cinnamon stick

4 Cloves

6 Pepper Corns

2 Bay Leaves

5 Onions(medium size chopped lengthwise)

1 Tsp Garlic Paste

1 Tsp Ginger Paste

Salt to Taste

2 Green Chillies Slit

2 Tsp Biryani Masala

Handfull of fresh Coriander

2 Tbsp Thick Curd

4 Strands of Saffron

½ Yellow Bell Pepper cut lengthwise

½ Red Bell Pepper cut lengthwise


Soak Basmati Rice for 30 mins.

Heat some oil in a wok.Add jeera,cloves, cardamom,cinnamon,pepper corns, bay leaves and saute for a few seconds. Add Green chilli,Ginger and Garlic paste and saute for 10 seconds. Add the finely chopped onions and roast till they turn golden brown. Add boiled eggs, bell peppers and roast till they turn golden brown . Add thick yogurt and biryani masala and cook, till the oil starts to leave the sides of the wok. Switch off the stove.

Take the Rice cooker bowl. Grease it with Ghee. Place a layer of egg masala, top it with Uncooked rice,add the saffron strands and repeat the process once more. Add enough water for the rice to cook and place it in the rice cooker in cook mode. The whole house is filled with the aroma of spices.

Garnish with Corriander and serve with any Raita of your choice or Fresh Yougurt!!!

Enjoy this Yummy treat!!!

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