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I am back with another authentic Rasam powder that i have learnt from my mom. Once of the best recipes i have learnt from her. It is so easy to make and store.Home made powders are always the best. This powder is an intergral part of any South Indian Kitchen. There are some variations in rasam powder depending on the states.

I was asked by many of my readers to share rasam powder recipe which i use in many dishes other than rasam.It enhances the taste of the curries when you pair it up with other masalas. It gives a whole new twist to the recipe.I am sure this recipe is a keeper.

Recipe for Rasam Powder:

250 Gms Dry Red Chilli (Byadgi variety)

50 Gms Dry red Chilli (Guntur Variety)

250 Gms Coriander seeds / Dhania

75 Gms   Fenugreek / Methi

50 Gms Mustard / Sarso

75 Gms Cumin / Jeera

75 Gms Black Pepper Corns / Gol Mirch

50 Gms Turmeric / Haldi

Handful of Karipatta /Curry Leaves


Dry Roast all the ingredients above individually on medium flame. Ensure it does not burn. Allow the  ingredients to cool. Grind them to get fine powder.

Mix in a dry bowl. Once cool store in an airtight container.Always use a dry spoon.


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Hello !!!

I am back with a new post today. Happy to share my 250th post today with a recipe for Vegetable Masala Powder that is an integral part of any Indian Kitchen. This masala powder is so versatile that it can used for dry sabji curry and even fried rice. Home made masala is always the best. I make this vegetable masala in small batches and store it in an air tight container. This recipe can be made in just 30 mins fro start to finish as i make it in small batches.Love the aroma of the freshly ground masalas at home. It tastes good as it is fresh and also preservative free and pocket friendly as well.

I suggested this theme for 136th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop and all my fellow bloggers agreed with the theme. My contribution for this wonderful theme is home made Vegetable Masala Powder.Do check out for all the wonderful collection for home made masala powders. I am looking forward too.

Recipe for Vegetable Masala Powder:


Channa dal – 7 Tbsp

Urad dal – 3 Tbsp

Desiccated Coconut – 5 Tbsp

Black Pepper Corns- 10

Dry Red Chilli (Byadgi Chilli)- 25

Coriander seeds  / Dhania -3 Tbsp

Curry Leaves – Handful

Asafoetida / Hing -1/2 Tsp

Fenugreek / Methi -1/4 Tsp

Cumin / Jeera -2 Tbsp

Turmeric / Haldi – 1/2 Tsp


Heat a heavy bottom pan. Dry roast all the ingredients separately and ensure it does not burn. Allow it to cool. Once it is at room temperature grind all the ingredients to get fine powder.   Store it in an airtight container.

It can be used for dry sabzi ,curry and even fried rice.

Enjoy !!!!!!

Notes :

  1. You can increase or decrease the chilli as per your heat tolerance.
  2. If you use the same measurement as i have given you can skip chilli powder while cooking.
  3. Desiccated Coconut enhances the taste, You can skip it if you want.


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Today I am sharing a versatile Masala Powder that is learnt from Mrs Navanitha B Shetty. She has introduced me to Manglorean cooking and is my mentor who guides me with her expertise.This chilli masala powder is widely used by the Bunt Community.Mangalorean cuisine is largely influenced by the South Indian cuisine, with several cuisines being unique to the diverse communities of the region. Coconut and curry leaves are common ingredients to most Mangalorean curry, as are ginger, garlic and chilli.Mangalorean cuisine is well known for their distinct flavor. In general, the Mangalorean recipes are quite spicy and fresh coconut is an integral part of these recipes. Rice is the staple food of the Mangaloreans, though for the non vegetarians, fish is also a regular meal.

Recipe for Mangalore Chilli Powder:


40 Nos Dry Red Chillies (Byadgi Chilli)

4 Tbsp  Dhania /Coriander seeds

2 TbspCumin / Jeera

2 Tsp Black Peppercorns

2/8 Tsp Fenugreek /Methi seeds

2/8 Tsp Turmeric /Haldi Powder


Clean & remove the stalks of the chillies.

Roast red chillies in a heavy bottomed pan over medium flame. The chillies must turn brown and crisp. Ensure it does not burn.

Roast rest of the ingredients seperately over low flame.

Ensure to cool all the roasted ingredients & powder them in a blender.

Sift using a metal sieve.Store the powder in an airtight container .




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Garam Masala is a blend of ground spices and one of the essential ingredient in Indian kitchens.The composition of garam masala differs regionally, with many recipes across country according to regional and personal taste, and none is considered more authentic than other.

Today I am sharing an easy recipe of All spice powder or Garam masala mostly used in Anglo Indian Recipes.It is very easy to make and need just 5 ingredients that is easily available in our kitchen.

Recipe for All Spice Powder (Garam Masala )used in Anglo Indian recipes:


1 Tbsp Black Pepper Corns

1 Tbsp Cloves

1 Tbsp Fennel seeds

1 Tbsp Cardamoms

3 Pcs of Cinnamon (1 inch each)


Roast all the above mentioned ingredients (individually)lightly for a few minutes (till you get the aroma) .Blend it in a mixer to get a fine powder. Store it in an air tight container .

Fresh Garam Masala is ready.


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Instant Kadhi Powder


Another  handy masala in my kitchen is Instant Kadhi Powder. I love it as it is easy to prepare and yummy too. I add vegetables of my choice and have it with Rotis/Chapatis. This is my mom’s recipe which will share with you today.

Recipe for Instant Kadhi Powder:

Jeera / Cumin Seeds  1Tsp
Dahania/ Coriander seeds  3 Tsp
red chillies 10-12 (as per your tolerance)
Putani / Bhuna Chana/ Roasted Gram 4 Tsp
Dry coconut  4-5 Tsp

Grind them together (raw).The powder is ready.


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Multipurpose Masala Powder

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Masala Powders form an integral part of Indian Cooking. Thanks to my mom who introduced me to this Multipurpose Masala Powder. Being a working professional this masala makes my life easier. I have it handy all the time.I can cook varieties in a jiffy.

I use it to make Puliogre Rice, Gojju (Sweet tangy gravy from Karnataka) and Gojju Avalakki / Tangy Beaten Rice or Poha.

I am going to share my Mom’s recipe today.

Recipe for Multipurpose Masala Powder:


1. Roasted and powdered Black Sesame Seeds  50 Gms

2. Roasted and powdered White Sesame Seeds 150 Gms

3. Roasted and Powdered Tamrind 150 Gms

4. Roasted and powdered Cumin / Jeera  1.5 Tsp

5. Roasted and powdered Fenugreek/ Methi     3/4 Tsp

6. Hing   1/4 Tsp

7. Dry Coconut Grated and powdered coarsely 200 Gms

8. Rasam Powder  8 Tsp

All the above need to be roasted and powdered separately.

For Tadka/ Seasoning

Mustard Seeds / Rai  1 Tsp

Channa Dal / Split Bengal Gram 2 Tsp

Urad Dal/ Split Black Gram  2 Tsp

Handful Curry Leaves

Dry Red Chilli 5-6

Peanuts   100 Gms

Jaggery finely grated  1 Tbsp

Oil  100 ml

Salt to Taste


Heat the oil in a pan. Add Channa dal ,Urad dal ,Peanuts and roast for 1 min on medium flame. Add mustard seeds, dry red chillies, grated jaggery, curry leaves and salt.Mix well  and switch off the flame. Mix all the ingredients from No 1 to No 8.

Store it in a airtight Container.