Rasam is a staple in all SouthIndian homes.Rasam powder recipes varies from state to state and there are many varieties within the state as well. One such popular Rasam powder hails from Udupi a place in Karnataka.It is very flavorful and quick to make. I usually make small batches to retain the flavor and freshness.

What is Rasam?

Rasam is served with rice or drank as a soup when we have sore throat or Cold. It is even good for upset tummy. The Spices used aids digestion and is light on tummy and hence It is also called South Indian Soup. It is made with or without Dal . Toor dal is used when making with Dal. It is rich in Antioxidents and improves digestion.

Theme for May :

This recipe is my humble contribution for May theme suggested by Jayashree.She is an amazing blogger and has published many e-books to her credit. I love her recipes. Bookmarked her Amba Bhaat  recipe. I have been paired with her .She gave me two secret ingredients Coconut oil and Methi. I gave her two secret ingredients Salt and Ghee. Do check out her space as she made Mangalore Buns.

Recipe for Udupi Rasam Powder:


  • 1 Tsp Fenugreek /Methi
  • 1/2 Cup Coriander / Dhania
  • 2 Tsp Cumin / Jeera
  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Tsp Asafoetida / Hing
  • Few Curry Leaves
  • 40 Dry Red Chillies


  • Heat oil in a large bottom pan.
  • Roast Methi seeds. Once they turn brown add coriander seeds.
  • Roast on low flame until they are aromatic. ensure not to burn.
  • Now add jeera and roast.
  • Once the spices are aromatic add dry red chillies , hing and curry leaves
  • Roast until the chillies swell and curry leaves turn crisp.
  • Transfer the mixture on to a plate and allow it to cool completely.
  • Grind all the ingredients to get fine powder.
  • Store it in a airtight container. Saaru pudi is ready for use.
https://preethicuisine.com/authentic-rasam-powder/ https://preethicuisine.com/kathirikai-vathal-rasam-sundried-eggplant-rasam/ Rasamhttps://preethicuisine.com/lemon-rasam-nimbehannu-saaru/


  1. Homemade is the best, fresh and flavourful spices take the taste and aroma of dishes to another level.. this looks so good. bookmarking this to make soon to add in rasam during chilly rainy evenings.

  2. Love the colour of the homemade rasam powder Preethi. With simple ingredients its best to make the spice mixture at home.I once bought a small packet of ready made rasam powder and it didn’t any taste whatsoever.

  3. Lovely colour of the rasam podi! I’m sure it is absolutely flavourful and very fragrant. There’s nothing like home-made spice powders, made fresh in small batches. I’ll definitely be trying this out. 🙂

  4. 40 chilliieesss :-0 But well what is a rasam if not spicy 🙂 And like you mention in the post, I too love to drink it as a soup when I have a scratchy throat or cold. And I love making my own spice mix and have been wanting to try both rasam and sambhar powder since some time now.
    How much spice mix do these quantities make?

    1. Preethi Prasad

      The chilli variety I have used is not at all spicy but gives a nice colour to the rasam powder. You can use it for 4-5 times to make rasam.

  5. Wow another interesting Rasam powder recipe that too from traditional Udupi Cuisine. I would love to try this for my next Rasam

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