Bottle Gourd Stuff / Bharwan Doodhi


Bottle Gourd /Doodhi is one of the most common vegetable found in every household. It has medicinal value and helps to maintain overall health as it is rich in Thiamine , vitamin C, zinc, iron and magnesium .

Not many are found of this vegetable. This Vegetable is always available in my kitchen as it is loved by my family. I am sharing my signature recipe here. Anyone who does not like this vegetable will also fall in love with it.

Absolutely lip smacking recipe and I am sure you will fall in love with this recipe.

Recipe for Bottle Gourd Stuff/ Bharwan Doodhi


2Tbsp. Channa dal
2.5 Tbsp Urad dal split / Black Gram
4 Tbsp Peanuts
6-8 red chillies
1 Tbsp Sesame seeds plus 1/2 tsp for garnish
1/2 lemon size Tamrind
1.5 Tsp Flax seeds
2 Onions (Medium Sized)
Fresh Coriander chopped
Salt to Taste


Dry roast all the ingredients mentioned above. Cut 2 onions and fry till golden brown. Grind the dry masala along with the onions. Add salt while grinding . Grind the masala and keep it aside.
Cut the bottle gourd / Doodhi into 4 or 5 parts (round).Scrap the centre in order to make space for stuffing .Stuff the masala and keep it aside.
Heat 2 Tsp oil in a pan. Add 1 Tsp jeera.Place the stuffed Bottle Gourd/ Doodhi in the pan.Shallow fry the stuffed bottle gourd/ doodhi on medium flame till golden brown and little soft . Ensure it does not burn.Add the balance masala once the bottle gourd/ doodhi is cooked. I have not added water as I did not want gravy.

If you want gravy you can add water to the masala accordingly with little salt.

Once the masala is cooked you can garnish with roasted sesame seeds and fresh coriander and serve hot with Rotis / steamed rice .

Enjoy ..


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18 thoughts on “Bottle Gourd Stuff / Bharwan Doodhi”

  1. Loved your presentation Preethi. Awesome click. Stuffed bottle gourd looks tempting. Bookmarking it. I will try it soon. Bottle gourd haters will also love it.

  2. Love stuffed vegetables! Perfect way to turn boring into brilliant. Your recipe sounds delicious with addition of tamarind and peanuts.

  3. I am a big fan of bottle gourd, believe it or not! I make dal, sabzi, stuffed sabzi everything out of this. A good cleanser for the body with umpteen health benefits. Loved your recipe, and I should definitely try this version some day.

  4. I take your words Preethi. I have two gourd haters in my family…my kids, and I really want to make them eat it. This stuffed gourd sounds delicious, so will make it for sure to change my gourd haters to gourd lovers 🙂

  5. I have had seen this stuffed lauki on many blogs but never tried it. It looks so delicious that I have to go to Indian grocery store and buy one soon to try.

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