Multigrain Spinach Tikkis / Patties

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Pesh  hai dil se dilwale tikki.Totally guilt free and power packed as it is baked💖💖💖.
Flaxseed ,Quinoa,Finger millet,Palak,Potato,Corn…Is it not power packed??
A good way to incorporate veggies in your child’s diet.💪
With hot and spicy coriander chutney.
Zero oil. Best to eat while it is hot😊😊😊.
You can either bake it or shallow fry.

Recipe for Spinach Patties  /Palak Tikkis  :

A Bunch of fresh Palak /Spinach  chopped
1 Cup corn
2 Boiled potatoes
1Tsp garam masala
2 Tsp jeera powder
1/2 Tsp amchur powder
1 .5 Tsp chilli flakes
the sides of 3 slices of bread as the round centre portion is used as the base in the photograph.
2 Tsp bread crumbs
1 Tbsp flax seed powder(dry roasted and powdered)
1 Tbsp quinoa powder(dry roasted and powdered)
1 Tbsp finger millet/ Ragi powder(dry roasted and powdered)
1 Tbsp rice flour
Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp.
Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients and shape it as desired.Grease the top of the tikki with a little ghee.
Pre heat oven at 200C for 10 mins.
Grease the tray and place the tikki and bake it for 20 to 25 mins.

You can present this to your kids as mini burgers too.

As i have added flax seed ,Quinoa and ragi it is better to eat when hot.
In case you want to keep it for a longer time it is better to shallow fry.
PS:Ragi ,Quinoa and flax seed powders i make it in small quantities and keep it handy.

Recipe for Green Chutney:

A bunch of corriander chopped
4 chillies or as per your requirement
Salt to taste
Tamrind half of the size of gooseberry
1 tsp salt
Blend all the above ingredients together and serve with tikki.


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