Nutella Cookie Cups


I am not a cookie person. My kids love to have cookies anytime. I had Nutella at home so made Nutella Cookie Cups . It is very easy and can be made in 20 minutes with minimal ingredients. You can serve fruits, salads, custard or ice cream and no hassle of washing utensils .I am sure it will be a hit among kids and elders too.

Recipe for Nutella Cookie Cups:


½ Cup Maida

1 Tbsp Nutella

½ Tsp Baking Powder

½ Tbsp Cold Butter

1 Tsp of Milk


Sieve the flour and baking powder. Add cold butter and mix well untill the butter becomes soft nd melts. Add Nutella and milk .Mix all the ingredients together to form a soft dough. Preheat the oven at 170C. Pat the dough in the generously greased muffin tray and place it in the preheated oven for 10 Mins.

Remove from the oven and allow it to cool.

You can eat it as it is or serve icream,custard,salads or fruits of your choice. I bet you will not stop at one. Enjoy!!


Marie Biscuit Choco Balls

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Instant sweet cravings or sudden guests at home ?? No problem.

This recipe hardly takes 10 minutes. No oven and no microwave needed. Healthy and Yummy too. Great way to incorporate dry fruits into your child’s diet My family loved it.

Recipe for Marie Biscuits Choco Balls.


12 Marie biscuits

2.5 Tbsp Unsweetened cocoa powder

1.5 Cups Almonds powdered

2 Tsp Milk powder

2 Tbsp Sugar powderd

2 Tsp Luke warm milk

Condensed Milk- As per your sweet tooth


Powder Almonds, Marie biscuits and Sugar separately.

Take a bowl mix all the above ingredients (use 3/4 of almond powder as you need some later) mentioned above except milk and condensed milk. Add milk and condensed milk to the dry mixture and make a soft dough. Grease your hands and shape it as desired and roll it in the almond powder.
Refrigerate for 40 to 60 minutes.

Garnish with m&m chocolates and serve. Stays fresh in the fridge for 2 to 4 days.

You just can’t stop at one.



Multigrain Potato Roast

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Potato contains vitamins and minerals, as well as an assortment of phytochemicals, such as carotenoids  and natural phenols.I love Potatoes in any form but avoid fried stuff.I had some baby potatoes but was bored of the regular sabzis. To add on as always my kids said make something yummy and different.

I thought of making Multigrain Potato Roast so that some multi grains could be incorporated into our diet. This recipe is very easy, healthy and yummy too.

Recipe for Multigrain Potato Roast:


15 Baby Potatoes boiled and peeled

2 onions medium size finely chopped

1 Tsp grated Ginger

1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder

1 Tsp Vegetable Masala or Garam Masala

2 Tbsp Multigrain Powder( Equal quantities of Flax seeds, Chia Seeds,Quinoa,Green gram ,Jowar – Slightly roasted and coarsely ground)

1 Tsp Coarsely ground Peanuts(Optional)

Salt to taste

1 Tsp Jeera / Cumin

¼ Tsp Haldi / Turmeric

Finely chopped Coriander to Garnish


Heat a Tsp of oil in a pan. Add Jeera/ Cumin, Hald i/Turmeric, Red Chilli powder and grated ginger. Saute for 5 to 10 secs. Add finely chopped onions and roast till they turn slightly brown. Add boiled potatoes and roast on low to medium flame for 10 to 15 mins. Add Vegetable Masala/ Garam Masala, and multigrain powder and salt to taste. Mix well and let it roast for 5 mins. Switch off the flame garnish with fresh coriander and serve hot with Phulkas ,Roti or Rice.

I love to eat just like that.



Spinach Potato Raita

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I love Raita. I make different types of Raita . I can have raita anytime to satisfy my hunger pangs in the evening. They are filling,easy to digest and light on your hips too. I make Spinach Potato Raita and that is another way to incorporate greens into our diet. This is cooling and good in Summers to beat the heat.


3 Boiled potatoes
1 Cup chopped spinach
2 Green chillies slit
1 Tsp urad dal/Black Gram
1 Tsp channa dal/Bengal Gram
1/2 Tsp mustard
3 cups yogurt
Salt to taste
Handfull of corriander and curry leaves chopped

Cut the boiled potatoes .Add salt and aside.Heat 2 tsp oil.Add channa dal,urad dal .Once they turn slightly brown add mustard seeds.Add green chilli,spinach,corriander and curry leaves.Saute for a minute.Switch off the flame.
Add yougurt to the boiled potatoes.Garnish with tadka .Mix and serve.
Cooling for summer.


Sago /Sabudana Beaten Rice/Poha Upma

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Bored of the regular Sabudana or Poha Upma? Have you all tried combination of sabudana and poha to make upma? No? Then you have to definitely try this. It is a lipsmacking dish and easy to cook too. Here goes the Recipe:

1 cup Sago/ Sabudana soaked for 30 mins
1 cup Beaten Rice /Poha soaked for 15 mins

Drain the water and keep it aside after the soaking time.

3 Onions chopped length wise
3 Green chillies slit and chopped
1/4 Tsp hing
1 Cup of roasted peanuts coarsely ground
1 Tsp jeera
1 Tsp sugar
1/4 Tsp haldi

Juice of half Lemon
Salt to taste
Chopped coriander to garnish

Heat 3 tsp of oil in a pan. Add hing and jeera and saute for 1 min.Add haldi and green chillies. After 1 min add chopped onions and roast well for 10 mins. First add sabudana and roast till done. Later add the soaked poha and mix well. Add sugar and chopped corriander.Add salt to taste and coarsely ground peanut powder. Mix well and saute for 5 mins.
Switch off the stove. Add lemon juice and mix well.Garnish with sev and corriander and serve hot.


Balti Tofu/Soya in Roasted Bell Pepper Gravy

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My Kids love Tofu / Soya. They were bored of the usual gravy that I always make. As it was long weekend, my kids wanted to eat something nice and yummy. I was also in a mood to cook some new dish.

This experiment was successful. Got a thumbs up from my Hubby, Parents and my greatest critics ie my boys. They always give an honest opinion and that encourages me to try different recipes and also experiment.

Recipe for Balti Tofu/Soya in Roasted Bell Pepper Gravy


150 Gms firm Tofu / Soya cut into cubes

1 Green Bell Pepper (Big)

1 Yellow Bell Pepper(Big)

1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder

1 Tsp Kitchen King Masala/ Garam Masala

1 Tsp Jeera/ Cumin

Salt to Taste

¼ Tsp Haldi/ Turmeric

3 Onions ( Medium Size) cut into pcs

4 Red Tomatoes( Medium Size) cut into pcs

½ Tsp Ginger Paste

½ Tsp Garlic Paste

20 Cashews

Chopped Corriander to Garnish

8 Pepper Corns

Salt to Taste

1 Tsp Oil

For Marinaton:

½ Tsp Chilli powder

¼ Tsp Amchur/Mango Powder

¼ Tsp Coarse Pepper powder

¼ Tsp Garam Masala

¼ tsp of Oil


Marinate the Soya Cubes by adding all the ingredients and leave it for 25 Mins.

Roast Green and Yellow bell peppers on direct flame and keep it aside. Do not peel the skin.

Heat ½ tsp of oil in a wok. Add Pepper Corns, Cashews and Ginger Garlic Paste. Saute for 1 min. Add onions and roast till they turn slightly brown. Add the tomatoes and mix well. Leave it on a low flame for 5 mins. Switch off the flame and let the mixture cool.

Once the mixture has cooled, add the roasted bell peppers and grind . The mixture should be slightly coarse. The mixture for Gravy is ready.

Heat ½ Tsp oil in a wok. Add Jeera /Cumin, Haldi/Turmeric, Chilli Powder and Kitchen King Masala/Garam Masala. Ensure it does not burn. Add he Marinated tofu/ Soya and roast for 10 mins on Low flame. Add the Bell pepper onion paste and salt. Let it simmer on low flame for 8 mins.

Switch off the flame and serve hot with Rotis/Phulkas.

Notes: In case you don’t like Soya, you can substitute it with Potatoes, Paneer or meat.


Garlic Knots

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I feel Baking  is Therapeutic. I usually bake on weekends. The whole house is filled with the aroma of fresh bread and buns. My Kids love to eat buns/breads and Garlic knots as soon as it is out from the Oven.

A smile on their face  while I remove the baking tray  from oven is what makes my day.

This is one of the easiest recipes for Garlic Knots.

Recipe for Garlic Knots.


3 Cups Maida/ All Purpose Flour/Bread Flour

7 Gms – active dry yeast

1 Ttbsp granulated sugar

¼ Tsp Salt

2 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

60 Ml milk

1 cup + 2 tbsp lukewarm water

4 cloves garlic grated/Minced

4 Tbsp salted butter, melted

1 Tsp dried oregano

1 Tsp Dried Italian Herbs


Mix the sugar, yeast and warm water and let the yeast proof for 10 minutes.

Combine the flour, yeast mixture, salt, extra virgin olive oil and milk in the bowl and knead until the dough for 20 to 25 Mins. The dough should stretch and not break. Make it into a ball and let it proof in a greased bowl covered with a clean kitchen towel for 1 hour or until doubled in size. Divide the dough into 8 parts and shape them into knots ( by rolling the dough into 8 long ropes. Tie a knot in the  centre , then fold the rope underlying the knot over the top, and fold the rope overlying underneath and secure it  in the centre ).

Let the knots rise on a baking tray covered with baking paper for another 45 minutes. In the meantime, melt the butter and combine it with grated or minced garlic, oregano and Italian Herbs.

Just before baking, gently brush the garlic and herb butter over the knots. Place  the Baking tray in a Pre heated Oven and bake it 200C for 35 Mins.

Yummy Garlic Knots are ready.


Baby Potato Palak Paneer

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I am sure everyone loves Palak Paneer. My kids love it too. This dish is a must at my place whenever I get fresh Palak . I wanted to try a different combo this time and it was a hit. The colour and nutrition was retained without too much masala and compromise on taste.

Recipe for Baby Potato Palak Paneer:


10-12 Baby Potatoes boiled and peeled

10 -12 Paneer cubes(Medium Sized)

A bunch of fresh Palak

1 Onion finely Chopped

¼ Tsp Turmeric/Haldi

1 Tsp Cumin / Jeera

1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder

1 Tsp Garam Masala

Salt to Taste

1 Inch Ginger finely Chopped

8 Garlic Pods finely Chopped

2 Tbsp of Fresh Cream( I have used Amul cream here)

1 Green Chilli

2 Tsp Oil


Wash Palak leaves and divide into 2 parts. One Part is to be chopped. Blend the other half along with a green chilli to a smooth paste.

Heat oil in a wok. Add Turmeric/ Haldi, Chilli powder and Cumin/Jeera and Saute for few seconds. Add Chopped Ginger ,Garlic  and chopped onion and saute till the onions turn slightly brown. Add the boiled baby Potatoes and roast till they turn golden brown. Once the Potatoes are done add Paneer cubes and mix well. Add Garam masala and salt .Saute for a minute. Add the chopped Palak leaves and Palak chilli paste. Close the lid and let it simmer on low flame for 10 mins.

Once done, switch off the flame. Add the fresh cream and serve hot with Rotis or Phulkas.


Kadai Mushroom Lal Shimla Mirch Masala

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Kadai Mushroom masala and Kadai Paneer Masala are mostly cooked in many households and loved by all too.

I tried to add some zest and colour to Kadai Mushroom Masala and yes the experiment was a hit with my family.

The freshly made Kadai masala enhances the taste and gives a nice aroma.

Recipe for Kadai Mushroom Lal  Shimla Mirch Masala:


500 Gms Button Mushrooms washed and cut into pcs

1 Red Shimla Mirch or Red Bell pepper cut into pcs

Oil 1 Tbsp

Bay Leaves  2

Cloves     2

Cinnamon 1 Inch pc

Dry Red Chillies 2

Coriander Seeds Crushed 2 Tbsp

Coriander Powder 1 Tsp

Red Chilli Powder 1 Tsp

Onions  2  finely chopped

Tomatoes 4 finely chopped

Ginger Paste  1 Tsp

Garlic Paste 1 Tsp

Salt to Taste

Fresh Cream ½ Tbsp

Coriander chopped (for garnish)


Dry Roast Bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, dry red chillies and grind coarsely.

Heat oil in pan. Add crushed Coriander powder, ginger and garlic paste. Roast for a second. Add the finely chopped onions and saute till they turn little brownish. Add the freshly ground kadai masala, red chilli powder and chopped tomatoes and saute till the oil separates. Add Mushrooms and red Bell pepper/ lal Shimla mirch. Add ½ cup water and salt to taste. Cover it with a lid and let it cook on low flame for 8 to 10 mins. Switch off the flame once done. Add fresh cream on the top, garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot with Rotis or Phulkas.


Tomato Pizza

Healthy and yummy snack that satisfies your hunger pangs and can be prepared within 10 mins.Can be eaten by young and old.
Another addition to my experiments.I am sure it will be loved by all and no one can eat just one.



1 big Red tomato sliced round.Place it on the greased baking tray.

Handful of Corn Kernels
Handful od Chopped Spinach
Permasan cheese
Mozerrela Cheese
Pepper powder less than 1/4 Tsp
Chilli flakes less than 1/4 Tsp
Salt to taste

Mix all the above ingredients and spread it on the Tomato.Sprinkle cheese generously.
You can any veggie of your choice and grated paneer too.

Pre heat the oven at 180C for 5 mins.Place the baking tray in the preaheated oven for 5 to 7 mins and serve.