Today I am back with a delicious Chaat recipe from the Northern and eastern part of India. Ghugni Chaat (street food) is a popular street food from west bengal ,odisha and bihar. I am always a sucker for chaats . Ghugni is usually made with dry yellow peas . The taste is amazing with all the spices in it. You can use dried green peas too.Street food is so popular in India and each region has its own speciality.

Street Food In India:

Street food consists of ready-to-eat foods or drinks sold by a hawkers, or vendors, in a street or other public place, such as at a market or fair.It is sold in food trucks too in some place. They are very affordable.Most street foods are classified as both finger food and fast food, and are typically cheaper than restaurant meals. Street foods have become popular beyond the respective region. There are more than 100 varieties of street food in India. Every country has a street food that is a speciality of that region.

What is 283rd Foodiemonday Bloghop Theme?

This week our hostess is Priya iyer a versatile blogger who blogs at https://thephotowali.wordpress. She has many delicious recipes from Gujarati Cuisine and Tamilnadu Cuisine. Do check her Space. I love her Star Gooseberry Thokku. The theme suggested by Priya is #StreetFoodsOfIndia. My humble contribution is this delicious Ghugni Chaat.

Ingredients for Ghugni Chaat (Street food:

  • Dried Yellow Peas–They are rich in Minerals and Vitamins.Yellow peas have more iron and magnesium than green peas and easily digestible.
  • Potatoes– They are rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants.
  • Onions— Chaats are incomplete without Onions. Onions are a power house of Nutrients.
  • Tomato–Rich in Antioxidants and has many health benefits.
  • Ginger Garlic Paste—Good for immunity boosting. Adds a nice aroma to the dish.
  • Turmeric—It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Many health benefits and is known to boost immunity.
  • Salt–Major Ingredient of this dish.
  • Red Chilli Powder—Adds some spice to the dish.
  • Garam Masala—Integral part of this dish for the taste and aroma.
  • Roasted Jeera Powder—Known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.I love the aroma of the freshly roasted and powdered Jeera / Cumin.
  • Fresh Green Chilli— Adds a nice spice kick to the dish. You can add as per your spice tolerance.
  • Fresh Coriander—Used for garnish. Gives a nice aroma.
  • Sugar–A little bit of sugar balances the spices and enhances the taste.
  • Bay Leaf— Bay leaves are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Cinnamon —It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Rich in Antioxidants and known to improve Gut health.
  • Mustard Oil— I love to use mustard oil in some traditional recipes. You can use any refined oil.
  • Panch Phoran–This Spice mix gives a distinct aroma to the dish.

For Garnish:

  • Tamrind Chutney—Mainly added to the chaats. Gives some tang.
  • Sev—Used to garnish on the chaat. Completely optional.
  • Red Chutney or Green Chutney—You can use to garnish the chaat as per your taste.
  • Chaat Masala–I love to sprinkle a pinch of chaat masala for the flavor on my chaat.
  • Lemon Juice–Balances the spices and the heat from the chillies. Adds some tang to the dish.

Recipe for Ghugni Chaat (Street Food):

  • Author: Preethi Prasad
  • Prep Time : 30 Mins( Soaking time is excluded)
  • Cook Time : 30 Mins
  • Total Time : 60 mins
  • Course : Street Food
  • Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients for Ghugni Chaat (Street Food):

  • 1 1/2 Cup Dried Yellow Peas
  • 1 Large Potato cut into cubes
  • 2 Onions Finely Chopped
  • 1 Medium Sized Tomato diced
  • 1.5 Tsp Ginger Garlic Paste (I have used home made paste)
  • 1 Tbsp Roasted Cumin Powder
  • 3/4 Tsp Garam Masala
  • 1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Sugar
  • Salt to Taste
  • 2 Tbsp Mustard Oil
  • Lemon Juice
For Tempering:
  • 1 Tsp Panch Phoran Mix
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • 1″ Inch Cinnamon Stick
Garnishing for the Chaat:
  • Tamrind Chutney
  • Red or Green Chutney
  • Chaat masala
  • Sliced Green Chillies
  • Fresh Coriander
  • Sev
  • Lemon Juice(1 lemon squeezed)


  • Soak Dried yellow peas for 6-8 hours or overnight.
  • Pressure cook the soaked yellow peas upto 3 whistles and keep it on low flame for another 5 minutes. Turn off the heat. Allow it to cool completely.
  • Heat Mustard oil in a wide bottom pan. Cook the potatoes until soft. Remove them and transfer them on to a plate.
  • In the same pan with oil add panch phoran , bay leaves and cinnamon stick.
  • Once the panch phoran mix splutters add ginger garlic paste and finely chopped onions.Reserve some chopped onions for garnish.
  • As the onions turn golden brown add the diced tomatoes, turmeric, salt as required,red chilli powder, roasted cumin powder.
  • Let it cook until the oil starts to leave the sides. Add the potato cubes and pressure cooked yellow peas too.
  • Add a cup of water if required. I did not add as there was about a cup of water from the boiled yellow peas.
  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Add sugar , salt and garam masala and keep stirring for about 10 minutes. It will start to thicken slowly.
  • It should not be too watery or too thick.
  • Once done turn off the heat.
  • Garnish with fresh onion, corinader ,green chilli , red or green chutney , lime juice ,Tamrind chutney and sev .
  • Serve and Enjoy……………………
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13 thoughts on “GHUGNI CHAAT (STREET FOOD)”

  1. I have some white peas and was wondering how to finish them. This delicious ghugni chaat seems to be the answer. Lol I may buy some more of the peas else I am going to run short of the chaat. 😀 love it.

  2. So delicious, love Ghugni Chaat but haven’t made it at home. Adding panch phoron makes Ghugni Chaat so different from the way dried peas ragda I make. Definitely, its a must try dish.

  3. Addition of panch phoran and mustard oil is what makes the ghugni chaat stand apart from the ragda made in bombay..I have eaten this outside but wil bookmark ur recipe to try at home

  4. Wow Preethi ghugni chaat looks lipsmacking. Loved the use of panch phoran for tadka. Next time I will also try with panch phoran. All the chutney tempering with onion garlic and panch phoran definitely made it lipsmacking good.

  5. Ghugni chaat is one of my favorite chaat. We use to have it regularly when we are in Odhisha. Love the aroma of mustard oil, panch phoran,taste of cooked yellow peas in masala and chutney’s on it..

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