Pyaaz Ki Kachori

Pyaz ki kachori originated in Jodhpur and was soon popular throughout Rajasthan. This is a very popular morning breakfast in many households in Rajasthan. Steaming hot spicy Pyaz ki Kachori, in circular shape are available in maximum namkeen shops of the state. They are a perfect snack on a rainy day. These days you can …

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Nutella Cookie Cups

I am not a cookie person. My kids love to have cookies anytime. I had Nutella at home so made Nutella Cookie Cups . It is very easy and can be made in 20 minutes with minimal ingredients. You can serve fruits, salads, custard or ice cream and no hassle of washing utensils .I am …

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Tomato Pizza

Healthy and yummy snack that satisfies your hunger pangs and can be prepared within 10 mins.Can be eaten by young and old. Another addition to my experiments.I am sure it will be loved by all and no one can eat just one. Recipe: Ingredients: 1 big Red tomato sliced round.Place it on the greased baking …

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Savory Multigrain Cups

Hello everyone Gearing up for the month long June holidays??? Yes exams are over here and we are waiting for the results now. Both Parents and kiddos relaxing after a hectic month. As we were relaxing , I came up with the idea of Baking Multigrain Savory cups.The cups just melt in your mouth. These …

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