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We are all so happy  to welcome Goddess Durg this Navratri. During these 9 days we offer rice varieties as offering to the Goddess.It is celebrated with great pomp and show . It is slightly different compared to the celebrations in the North.

Many keep Golu (Doll collection) at home.Everyday a new prasadam is offered to the Goddess.I love the Tamrind rice offered at temples as Prasadam. This is one of my most favourite dosh at home. The tamrind mix can be prepared well in advance. This recipe always makes me nostalgic as it was a menu on our cards whenever we used to travel long distance by train. I miss those days now.

For #165th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop  #NavaratriSpecial is this simple and yummy Puliodharai / Tamrind Rice.

Recipe for Puliodharai / Tamrind Rice:


1 Cup Rice

Salt to Taste

For Masala:

2 Tbsp Channa dal

1 Tbsp Urad dal

8 Dry red Chillies

1/4 Tsp Fenugreek seeds

2 Tsp Dhania / Coriander seeds

2 Tsp White Sesame seeds /Til

1/2 Tsp Turmeric

1 Tsp Oil (I have used Gingelly oil.You can use any cooking oil)

1 Tsp Black Pepper Corns

1 Big Lemon Size Tamrind soaked in hot water

2 Tsp Jaggery

For Tempering:

2 Tbsp Gingelly Oil

1/4 Cup Peanuts

2 Sprigs Curry leaves

1 Tbsp Channa dal

1 Tbsp Urad dal

1 Tsp Mustard Seeds

Generous pinch of Asafoetida

4 Dry red Chillies


Cook rice and allow it to cool.

Heat a wide bottom pan. Add oil.Once the oil is hot add Channa dal , urad dal.Once they turn slightly brown ,add fenugreek seeds ,dry red chillies,pepper corns and coriander seeds. Saute for a few seconds. Now add sesame seeds and sute untill they pop up and you can smell the aroma. Switch off the flame and allow this mix to cool. Now grind the mix with turmeric and salt to taste.

Extract the puree from the soaked tamrind and remove the pulp.Heat the Kadhai . Heat oil. Add all the channa dal,urad dal and peanuts.Once they turn brown,add mustard ,red chilli ,curry leaves and  asafoetida. Now add the tamrind extract. Once it starts to boil add jaggery and mix untill it fully dissolves.Now add the masala powder and mix well. Once the oil starts to leave the sides switch off the flame.

Add this mixture to the cooled rice and mix well. Offer this as Prasadam to Goddess and seek her blessings.

May Goddess Durga bless us all!!!!!!!!!

Happy Navratri!!!!!!


  1. No matter how many times this is served, I cannot ever get tired of eating Puliyodhare with papadam. I make this as prasad at home for most festivals and especially during Navratri. Absolutely lipsmacking this looks Preethi, only wish I could have a bowl now!

  2. I make tamarind rice occasionally as some good things are to be kept for some special days. This tamarind rice being one of that. Now your tamarind rice is tempting me to make it, but will have to wait till navratras are over

  3. I have many fond memories of tamarind rice during my stay 5 years stay in Hyderabad. I learnt to cook Pulodharai there and since then it’s my favourite among South Indian dishes. Yours looks so so tempting di ! Aromatic, flavorful and oh so beautiful color !

  4. Pulihoya or puliyogare as we call is such a versatile dish to enjoy during a journey, or to make it with left over rice or during festival. I never get bored of this dish, I can have a bowlful anytime. Your post and beautiful clicks are so much tempting, wish I could grab that bowl!!!!

  5. This puliohara is such an versatile rice dish that it is made not only on festive days but also makes a great travel food…the gingelly oil used gives a unique taste

  6. Tamarind rice is one dish which I will never forget as when I was expecting, this one dish I was craving the most. Love the beautiful blend of flavor, spicy and tangy.
    What a nostalgia. Thanks for beautiful share.

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