Multipurpose Masala Powder

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Masala Powders form an integral part of Indian Cooking. Thanks to my mom who introduced me to this Multipurpose Masala Powder. Being a working professional this masala makes my life easier. I have it handy all the time.I can cook varieties in a jiffy.

I use it to make Puliogre Rice, Gojju (Sweet tangy gravy from Karnataka) and Gojju Avalakki / Tangy Beaten Rice or Poha.

I am going to share my Mom’s recipe today.

Recipe for Multipurpose Masala Powder:


  1. Roasted and powdered Black Sesame Seeds  50 Gms

  2. Roasted and powdered White Sesame Seeds 150 Gms

  3. Roasted and Powdered Tamrind 150 Gms

  4. Roasted and powdered Cumin / Jeera  1.5 Tsp

  5. Roasted and powdered Fenugreek/ Methi     3/4 Tsp

  6. Hing   1/4 Tsp

  7. Dry Coconut Grated and powdered coarsely 200 Gms

  8. Rasam Powder  8 Tsp

All the above need to be roasted and powdered separately.

For Tadka/ Seasoning

Mustard Seeds / Rai  1 Tsp

Channa Dal / Split Bengal Gram 2 Tsp

Urad Dal/ Split Black Gram  2 Tsp

Handful Curry Leaves

Dry Red Chilli 5-6

Peanuts   100 Gms

Jaggery finely grated  1 Tbsp

Oil  100 ml

Salt to Taste


Heat the oil in a pan. Add Channa dal ,Urad dal ,Peanuts and roast for 1 min on medium flame. Add mustard seeds, dry red chillies, grated jaggery, curry leaves and salt.Mix well  and switch off the flame. Mix all the ingredients from No 1 to No 8.

Store it in a airtight Container.

10 thoughts on “Multipurpose Masala Powder”

  1. Such an interesting selection of spices all blended in to make this delicious looking masala powder. I like the idea that it can be used on lots of different dishes.

  2. Wow!! This masala powder seems so versatile and bursting with flavor and taste. I am sure this podi can be used to sprinkle on stir fries to add up to the taste.

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