Mixed Millet Porridge Mix


I am back with another healthy recipe post .This Mixed millet porridge mix is easy to make and store. It comes in handy especially when we are short of time. This porridge mix is a must at my place. It can be mixed with hot milk and palm sugar or jaggery and eaten. It can also be mixed with buttermilk and consumed as a coolant in summers when you do not want to sweat in the kitchen.

Millets are small-grained, annual, warm-weather cereals belonging to grass family. They are highly tolerant of drought and other extreme weather conditions and have a similar nutrient content to other major cereals.Millets are consumed widely these days . Millets have high nutritional value.

As a part of  143rd #Foodie Monday #Bloghop  theme #Millets my contribution is this healthy Mixed Millet Porridge Mix.

Recipe for Mixed Millet Porridge Mix:


1 Cup Ragi / Finger Millet

1 Cup Varagu / Kodo Millet

1 Cup Pearl Millet / Kambu

1 Cup Sorghum / Cholam

1 Cup Roasted Green gram

1 Cup Little Millet / Saamai

1 Cup Walnuts

1 Cup Almonds


Dry roast all the millets  , and green gram separately and allow it to cool. Slightly roast the almonds and allow it to cool. Do not roast walnuts. Once roasted and cooled   powder all the ingredients in a blender. The powder should be fine. Store it in a air tight container. If the weather is too hot and humid store it in the refrigerator.

As and when required mix 3-4 tsp in a glass of hot milk along with palm sugar (sweetness as desired).You an eat it as porridge or drink it ( with a thinner consistency)or mix with butter milk and consume as well.

Enjoy this healthy Porridge mix that will improve your resistance and reduce your cravings to eat junk as  well.

9 thoughts on “Mixed Millet Porridge Mix”

  1. Kanthi subramanyam.

    Thanku preethi.its a handy drink for sr citizens Quite nutrious. Low in calories even diabetics can use it without adding palm sugar.

  2. Preethi, I simply love this healthy mixture. And also love the suggestions as to how to enjoy this mixture..as a porridge or as a drink. Just today we visited my hubby’s uncle and he has become so weak because of old age and some healthy issues. Will make this and send it to my aunt. Hopefully it will help uncle. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  3. Hi Preethi,
    Tried this recipe and it’s a healthy mix of millets and nuts and at the same time yummy too.. It gives a good start for a long day. It’s sure a keeper !!

  4. Hi Preethi !
    Tried this recipe. It’s a healthy mix of millets and nuts and at the same time tastes yummy in hot milk. It gives good start for a long day. This recipe is sure a keeper !!

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