Choco Chip Icecream


I love these incredibly delicious frozen treats that are so simple to make at home with just few ingredients available at home.

I can gorge on them at any time . It is simple and easy recipe that will be loved by all. 



Recipe for Choco Chip Icecream:


500 ML Full cream milk (I have used Amul Tazaa)
150 ML Thick cream 150 ml(you can use Malai if cream is not available)
191 ML Condensed milk (1/2 tin )

Hersheys choco syrup (adjust as per your sweet requirement)
1/2 cup choco chips.


Blend all the ingredients except choco chip.Freeze the mixture for 1.5 hrs.Blend the mixture again.Pour it into a freezer safe container.Garnish with choco chips and freeze overnight.

Yummy creamy icecream is ready.







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