Bread Rasmalai Shots

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Today on the occasion of Raksha Badhan, I dedicate this post to my Brother who is miles away.Wishing him the very best in life always!!

Raksha Bandhan in Sanskrit literally means “the tie or knot of protection. It is an ancient Hindu festival that ritually celebrates the love and duty between brothers and their sisters. The sister ties Rakhi on the brother’s wrist and then prays to express her love and her wish for his wellbeing .In return the brother takes a pledge to protect and take care of his sister under all circumstances.

To celebrate this occasion I made easy Bread Rasmalai shots.

Recipe for Bread Rasmalai Shots:


1 Litre  Full cream Milk

190 ML Condensed Milk (you can add more depending on your sweet tooth)

3 Bread Slice(sides removed)

¼ Tsp Cardamom Powder

5 Almonds Chopped for Garnishing

4 Strands of Saffron


Boil the milk in a thick bottom pan. Once it starts boiling add condensed milk and keep stirring till the milk starts getting thicker . Add cardamom powder, Saffron strands and keep stirring till the quantity of the milk reduces to 3/4th.Keep scraping the sides as the milk starts getting thicker and sticks to the sides of the pan. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool.

Take the bread slice ,remove the sides and using a cookie cutter cut each slice into desired shape. Add the bread slices and let it soak in the Ras . Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours. Garnish with Chopped almonds and serve chilled.

These Bread Rasmalai shots will be a guest pleaser for sure.


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