Garam Masala is a blend of ground spices and one of the essential ingredient in Indian kitchens.The composition of garam masala differs regionally, with many recipes across country according to regional and personal taste, and none is considered more authentic than other.

Today I am sharing an easy recipe of All spice powder or Garam masala mostly used in Anglo Indian Recipes.It is very easy to make and need just 5 ingredients that is easily available in our kitchen.

Recipe for All Spice Powder (Garam Masala )used in Anglo Indian recipes:


1 Tbsp Black Pepper Corns

1 Tbsp Cloves

1 Tbsp Fennel seeds

1 Tbsp Cardamoms

3 Pcs of Cinnamon (1 inch each)


Roast all the above mentioned ingredients (individually)lightly for a few minutes (till you get the aroma) .Blend it in a mixer to get a fine powder. Store it in an air tight container .

Fresh Garam Masala is ready.

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13 thoughts on “All SPICE POWDER (GARAM MASALA)”

  1. I love Garam Masala! In fact I love indian food in general. My boyfriend and I (both in our 40’s) have just decided to turn vegetarian. Do you have any good indian vegetarian recipes you can share? We love curry! Sam 🙂

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