Summers are here in many parts of the world and so are sweet Mangoes.Mangoes are so healthy and flavorful. You can use them in variety of dishes ranging from desserts to curries.Mangoes are rich in vitamins .It is always good to eat seasonal fruits . Mangoes are available in my part of the world.It is expensive but we do have our quota during the season to make the most of it.

Everyone loves mangoes and my family loves them too. I have shared some recipes with mangoes in my blog.This time i thought of sharing an interesting recipe from Mangalore which is called Ambe Upakari / Ripe Mango Curry.It is absolutely lip smacking. You have to try this recipe to believe it.

My Contribution for  147th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop theme #Mangoes  my humble contribution is Ambe Upakari or Ripe Mango curry.

Recipe for Ambe Upakari / Ripe Mango Curry:


7 Ripe Mangoes (Use small juicy ones)

10  Dry Red Chilles (ihave used byadgi variety)

1 Tsp Fenugreek / Methi

1/2 Tsp Mustard / Sarso

1 Tsp Cumin/ Jeera

1 Tsp Coriander / Dhania

3 Onions

4 Garlic pods

1 Inch Ginger

1/4 Tsp Turmeric powder / Haldi

Handfull of curry leaves

1/2 Tsp Pepper corns / Gol Mirch

2 Tbsp Palm Jaggery

2 Tbsp Oil

2 Tbsp Tamrind Juice

2 Green Chillies Slit

Salt to taste


Wash the mangoes and peel them. Soak the peels in a cup of water.Keep it aside for some time.

Take a wide bottom pan .Dry roast jeera , dhania, pepper corns,mustard seeds ,red chillies until you can smell the aroma.Ensure you do not burn them. Grind all the roasted spices along with chopped onions , ginger and garlic cloves to get a smooth paste.You can little water to the paste .Heat oil the pan. Add curry leaves ,some mustard and slit green chilles. Once they splutter add the paste and turmeric. Let it simmer untill the oil starts to leave the sides.

No w add mangoes , squeezed juice from the soaked peels, jaggery and tamrind juice and salt. Add more jaggery and tamrind if you want.Let it simmer for 3-5 mins.

Serve hot with steaming hot rice and a dollop of desi ghee.


Note:The measurements given above is as per my family’s pallet.


  1. Preethi I have a weakness for any mango curry. I love the Gujarati style so much I can eat a whole bowlful one its own. Would love to try this version. However can I use chopped ripe mango as I may not get the small variety. Love your presentation, its so mouthwatering.

    1. Preethi Prasad

      Yes you can try with mango slices. Whole mango would be better.Whole mango dipped in this spicy tangy curry is just out of the world when you take a bite.Do try whenever convenient and give your feedback.

  2. Oh wow, what a delicious dish using sweet ripe mangoes. I rarely cook with ripe mangoes, but your dish sounds absolutely delicious. Would love to give this a try some time.

  3. Definitely something unique to try out of rope mangoes. When I read the recipe name inside not expected that from the recipe. Lovely share!

  4. wow, drooling over this ambe upkari mangi curry recipe. So detailedd and so many spices my mouth watering…. Bookmarked.

  5. My mum makes a mango curry called ‘launjee’ and this seems to be similar to that. Looks insanely tempting and pretty!

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