Nutty Spicy Tangy Dum Aloo

Baby potatoes are mostly loved by everyone. I too love baby potatoes in any form. One of  my most favorite dish is Dum Aloo. I have made some variations to the authentic Dum aloo and this recipe is a hit with my family.

I had some friends for dinner and  this was on my menu. They just loved  this recipe. I am sure you will love this variation too.



500 gms Baby potatoes boiled and peeled
3 Red ripe tomatoes
2 Unripe tomatoes
1″Ginger grated
3 Green chillies
Salt to taste
Corriander leaves-A bunch
1 Tsp Cumin powder
1 Tsp Red chilli powder
1/2 Tsp Corriander powder
1/2 Tsp Garam masala powder
4 Tbsp oil
2 Tbsp coarsely ground peanuts

Boil the baby potatoes with salt. Peel and keep it aside.
Make a puree of tomatoes, chilli and some fresh Corriander.

Heat oil in the wok. Add grated ginger , all the dry masala and corriander. Roast for sometime but ensure it does not burn.Add the tomato chilli puree and salt to taste. Saute till oil starts leaving the sides.Lastly add the boiled potatoes and cook till the water in the gravy evaporates a little and the potatoes are coated well.

Lastly once done garnish with corriander.

Serve hot with rotis or poori.IMG-20150523-WA0018


Onion Stuff

Onions are widely consumed in our daily diet. It is one of the most vital ingredient in our cooking.Well there are many recipes without onions. All onion lovers will just love it. It is worth a try and I bet it will be a regular feature on your list.

Did you know that Onions are high in vitamin C, a good source of fiber, and with only 45 calories per serving, add abundant flavor to a wide variety of food. Onions are sodium, fat, and cholesterol free, and provide a number of other key nutrients.

Well I wanted to cook something different,yummy ,healthy and easy too. So thought of experimenting again. Yes my experiment was successful.

I have tried with a very basic masala stuff. We can stuff scrambled paneer/eggs ,bread crumbs, brown rice etc for Vegetarian and scrambled eggs, Minced meat etc for Non-vegetarians. There are plenty of options.


2 Medium Sized Onions peeled

1 Tsp Garam Masala

2 Tsp Peanuts roasted and powdered

¼ Tsp Mango powder/Amchur Masala

1/4/ Tsp Red Chilli Powder(optional)

Salt to taste

Fresh Corriander chopped

1Tsp Jeera for Seasoning

There are 2 ways of doing it.

Method to Stuff:

Peel the onions. Scoop the centre (see the pics).Mix all the dry masalas mentioned above. Stuff the onions with this masala.

First Method:

Heat a pan. Add a tsp of oil, Add ½ tsp jeera. Add the stuffed onions and roast all the sides well. It will take 20 to 25 mins to cook.Please ensure it is a little crunchy and not too soft. Garnish with chopped coriander.

Second Method:

Grease a microwave safe bowl. Place the stuffed onions in the greased bowl. Microwave on high (800 w) for 2 mins. Add the extra masala if any and microwave for 1 more minute. The stuffed onions are ready.

Stuffed onions goes well with  rice. I can just eat it without rice or rotis.



Mango Sago Pudding / Mango Sabudana Kheer

I would like to start my post on Mother’s day with a very famous Jewish Proverb


“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers”.


Mother signifies the very existence of her Child. I dedicate this post to two most wonderful women in my Life –Mom and Mom in Law. One who signifies my existence , supported and guided me to be ME and the other who signifies the very existence of the Love of my life(my hubby).

Both have been my Pillar of strength till date. They have supported and encouraged me in all my endeavor.

I realized the importance of Motherhood when I became mom to 2 handsome boys, without whom I cannot imagine a single day.

I am glad to have celebrated this Mother’s day with my mom as she is with me,but I did miss my MIL who is far away but always in my heart.

To celebrate this Mother’s day I made Mango Sabudana Kheer for my family.


Recipe for Mango Sago Pudding / Mango Sabudana Kheer


Full cream Milk   500 ML(Boiled and cooled)

Sago                       200 gms

1 Ripe Mango       Puree

Sugar                     8 Tbsp

Milk Maid             150 ML

Raisins                 Handfull

Almonds             5-6 chopped

Ghee                   2 Tbsp


Soak Sago/ Sabudana in water for 2 hours. After 2 hours boil it in 600 ML of water.

Heat 2 Tbsp of ghee in a non- stick Pan. Add Raisins and Saute for a minute. Add the boiled Sago and

Mix well for 4 to 5 mins. Add sugar,boiled milk and milk maid and keep stirring on a low flame for 5 mins. Add Mango Puree, stir well and switch off the flame. Sprinkle some cardamom powder and mix well. Refrigerate for an hour .Garnish with chopped Almonds , fresh Mango Pieces and Serve.






Savory Multigrain Cups

Hello everyone

Gearing up for the month long June holidays??? Yes exams are over here and we are waiting for the results now. Both Parents and kiddos relaxing after a hectic month.

As we were relaxing , I came up with the idea of Baking Multigrain Savory cups.The cups just melt in your mouth.

These multigrain cups have multipurpose use. You can serve various types of salads, ice creams, Kulfi ,Chaats ,fresh fruits or even Patties. The choice is yours.

I served Raw banana and potato patties with hot and spicy chilli sauce and it was devoured in no time. It was lipsmacking. This is something  healthy , filling  and easy to make . I tried a small batch first. So now this will be a regular affair at my place.

Recipe for Savory Multigrain Cups:


125 gms Corn Flour

25 gms Gram Flour/Besan

2 Tsp Roasted Green gram powder(Slightly Coarse like rava)

2 Tsp Roasted Bajra powder

2 Tsp Roasted Flax seed Powder(Slightly Coarse like rava)

2 Tsp Roasted Chia Seeds Powder(Slightly Coarse like rava)

1Tsp Channa dal roasted and powdered

1Tsp Urad dal roasted and powdered

2Tsp Peanuts roasted and powdered

¼ Tsp Amchur/Dry Mango powder

1 Tsp Red chilli powder

40 Gms Cold butter

Salt to taste

Water to Knead the dough

Some oil for greasing

Mix all the ingredients except water and oil till the butter melts and blends well with the flour mix. Do not add all the water at once. Add water in small quantity and mix to form a dough.

Pre heat the oven at 190C for 10 minutes. Grease the Muffin tray.Take a small ball of the dough and pat it in the shape of the muffin mould. Ensure the dough is spread uniformly. Place the muffin tray in the preheated oven and bake for 30 to 35 mins.

Multigrain cups are ready.

A great snack for kids and adults.IMG-20150519-WA0020IMG-20150519-WA0021 IMG-20150519-WA0015


Flourless Pancakes

Everyday is a new day when you have fussy kids at home. We need to come out with new ideas everyday to handle fussy eaters. I can assure you that your kids will love these pancakes and it  takes less than 5 mins to prepare this healthy yummy breakfast which is healthy and yes flourless too.

Flourless Pancakes


2 Eggs

1 Ripe Banana

A pinch Cinnamon powder (optional)

Break the eggs in a bowl and beat well. Mash the ripe banana in another bowl. Add mashed banana to the beaten egg mixture. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder and mix well.

Heat the skillet. Pour the mixture on the skillet . Drizzle few drops of oil in case you are not using a Non –Stick Skillet.

Place the pancakes one above the other and drizzle some honey and serve.

Even before you blink these yummy pancakes will vanish.IMG-20150517-WA0001IMG-20150516-WA0014


Aachari Roti

Aachari Roti:


3 Cups of Wheat Flour

1.5 Tsp dry Aachar masala

½ Tsp Ajwain

Salt to taste

Water for Mixing

Mix all the ingredients and add the required amount of water to form a soft dough.Keep it aside for 30 mins. Now form small balls of the dough and using a rolling pin roll them into flat round discs. Heat the Skillet .Place these rolled flat discs on the hot skillet. Pour about 3 drops of oil and spread the oil uniformly. Turn the discs and repeat the process. Aachari Rotis are ready to be served with any gravy of your choice.


Shammi Kababs in Walnut Curry


It’s been a long time since I made Shammi Kababs at home. Kids and hubby love to have something different from the usual menu.It takes some time, but its worth the effort.

Being a working Professional, I usually don’t find time to cook such an elaborate dish and hence it is a weekend affair. As you know ,I always try to experiment and cook something yummy and healthy for my family, which most of you are already doing. I would like to share this receipe with you.

I bet that these melt in the mouth Yummy Kababs in a rich gravy will knock your socks off.

Recipe for Shammi Kabab in Walnut Curry

Ingredients for Shammi Kabab:

3 Raw banana peeled ,boiled and mashed

1 Cup Channa Dal boiled and mashed

2 Medium onions finely chopped

2 Green chillies finely chopped

Handful of Corriander finely chopped

1 Tsp Red Chilli powder

¼ Tsp Turmeric Powder

1.5 Tsp Ginger Garlic Paste

1 Tsp Chaat masala

1 Tsp Corriander Powder

1 Tsp Shahi Jeera (Cumin Seeds)

1.5 Tsp Garam Masala

Salt to taste

Oil for Shallow frying

Boil the bananas and mash them.Ensure there are no lumps.

Boil 1 Cup of Channa Dal in ½ cup of water. Channa dal is to be soft but not soggy.

Heat 2 tsp oil in a wok. Add Shahi Jeera. Then add green chilies and finely chopped onions.Roast till the onions turn slightly brown. Add red chilli powder,turmeric,chaat masala,coriander powder,garam masala and mix well. After 1 min add the boiled channa dal and roast.The dal has to blend well with the masalas. Add the mashed banana and chopped coriander . Add salt to taste. Ensure there is no water in this mixture .You can add 2 tsp of Roasted Gram flour powder/Besan in case you find the mixture a little soggy. Mix it well and switch off the stove after 8 mins.

Allow the mixture to cool. Once the mixture is cooled ,grease your hands with oil , take some mixture and shape it into round discs. You can garnish with a cashew or fresh corn kernels in the centre.

Place these dics in a heated pan. Drizzle some oil into the pan so that the discs don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. One the bottom of the discs turns reddish turn the discs. Once both the sides are done,remove from the pan and keep it aside.

Walnut Curry:


3 big onions Chopped

2 Tomatoes Chopped

1 green Chilli cut

12 Walnuts

2 Tsp Jeera

Handfull of Fresh Corriander

1 Tsp Kashmiri Chilli Powder

1Tsp Dhania Powder

½ Tsp Pepper powder

1Tsp Khus Khus powder

1Inch Cinnamon

Salt to Taste

1 Tsp Ginger Garlic Paste

2 tsp of Oil

Heat a tsp of oil in a pan. Add Kashmiri chilli powder and 1 Tsp of Jeera. Add ginger garlic paste and saute for a few seconds. Add onions and roast till they turn slightly brown. Once the onions turn brown add the chopped tomatoes , green chilli, Corriander/Dhania powder,Pepper powder,khuskhus and cinnamon. Once the tomatoes turn mushy add the walnuts and coriander and saute for 5 mins. Switch off the stove and allow the mixture to cool.

Once the mixture is cooled blend it into a fine paste.

Heat a tsp of oil in a wok. Add a tsp of Jeera. Add the blended mixture. Let it simmer for 5 mins. Dunk the Kababs in this curry and serve hot with Rotis, Pulkas.

I served this with Aachari Roti.


Baked Flaxseed Mix Veggie Bread Vada

Today is special day as it is my Dad’s Birthday. I would like to start with a beautiful Mayan Indian Proverb.

“In the baby lies the future of the world. Mother must hold the baby close so that the baby knows it is his world but the father must take him to the highest hill so that he can see what his world is like.”

Every Daughter’s first hero is her “DAD”.

My first hero too is my  DAD ,a man of substance who has always guided me on the right path, supported me whenever I needed one and believed in me all the time. He is as strong as a Mountain , as generous as an Ocean, and  one of the most sensible men in my Life. My kids are also lucky to grow up into sensible human beings under his able guidance.

He always ensured us a decent lifestyle and got us whatever we wanted as me and my brother were sensible kids. He believes in simple pleasures of life and does not believe in showing off.

I would like to make this birthday a memorable one by spending quality time with my Parents. Do simple things that he enjoys.

So dedicating this post to my DAD. I Made Simple Baked Bread Vadas .



Bread pieces – 6 1/2 cup of rice flour

Curd(as required to get dough consistency)

1 Tbsp Flax seed powder 1/2 tsp of jeera / cumin seeds 2 medium size onions finely chopped

2 florets of Cauliflower grated

1.5 Tsp Red chilli powder

Handfull of corn Kernels An inch of ginger grated Handfull of corriander chopped

A Pinch of Garam Masala

Salt to Taste


Now tear the bread pieces with your hands and add rice flour, Flaxseed powder, curd, onions,grated cauliflower,corns ginger, jeera, salt, red chilli powder and Chopped corriander  to it, mix everything well to form a dough.Now wet your hands and take some dough in your hands and give it a round shape and in between with finger just give a dent . Brush the vadas with oil and now it’s ready to be baked.

Pre-Heat the Oven at 180 C for 10 mins. Place the baking tray in the preheated oven and bake for 40 to 45 mins. Yummy crisp vadas are ready. Serve with chutney of your choice and enjoy.




Basic Recipe Courtesy: Chawla’s Kitchen(I made some changes to suit my tastebuds)


Pepper Rasam Vada


Pepper Rasam Vada
Pepper Rasam Vada


Today being a weekend my kids wanted to have something different and yummy too. It had been a long time since I made urad dal Vadas, so thought of making Vadas. We normally have Sambar Vada, Dahi Vada, Rasam Vada. I thought of making something different. So I made Pepper Rasam Vada.

As it is exam time for my kids, I made Pepper Rasam as it aids digestion and Kids can enjoy Urad Vada also at the same time.Kids loved it .

It is a lipsmacking dish and worth a try.

Recipe for Urad Dal Vada:

  1. 250 gms/1 Cup Urad dal soaked for 5 to 6 hours
  2. 1 inch Ginger Grated
  3. 2 Green chillies finely chopped
  4. Handfull of Corriander Leaves finely chopped
  5. A few curry leaves finely chopped
  6. Fist full of freshly grated Coconut
  7. 1 Tsp Pepper
  8. Oil for Frying
  9. Salt to taste

Grind the soaked Urad dal in a wet grinder / mixie to make a fine paste.Add  pepper and ½ glass  of water while grinding. Once the urad dal paste is ready add all the other ingredients mentioned above. Wet your hands and take a ball of flour ,make a hole in the centre using your thumb, and drop it in the hot oil and deep fry. Keep the Vadas aside.


Recipe for Pepper Rasam

  1.  50 gms Moong dal
  2. 1 Tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
  3. 1 Tsp Black Pepper
  4. Few curry leaves
  5. ¼ Tsp Hing
  6. Fist full of freshly grated coconut
  7. 2 Tomatoes finely chopped
  8. 1 Tsp Rasam Powder
  9. Salt to taste

Boil Moong dal and keep it aside. Roast 2 to 6 nos ingredients and coarsely grind.Heat 2 tsp ghee in a wok. Add the chopped tomatoes. Once they turn mushy add the boiled dal ,rasam powder and the ground masala. Add 250 ml of water and let it simmer for 6 to 8 mins. Add salt to taste. You can add more water in case you want the Rasam to be thin.

Soak the Vadas in Piping hot Rasam and garnish with extra tadka and serve.