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I was craving for some dessert this weekend. I had a few ingredients in my pantry and viola i came up with a yummy and healthy Smoothie bowl with the goodness of Mango , greek yogurt, honey and organic dried Mulberries.Yogurt is a staple at my place. An important part of our daily diet.

Yogurt is extremely versatile. You can dip it, spread it, freeze it, add fruit to it or eat it plain. Yogurt is often included on healthy food lists and for a good reason. Yogurt is highly nutritious and is an excellent source of protein, calcium and potassium. It provides numerous vitamins and minerals and is relatively low in calories. The difference between yogurt and Greek yogurt is that Greek yogurt is more creamier as it is strained thrice compared to the normal yogurt.

Here are some other ideas:

1.Make a breakfast parfait by layering yogurt, dry cereal or granola, and topping with your favorite fruit

2.Top waffles or pancakes with yogurt and sliced strawberries

3.Enjoy a mid-day snack by blending yogurt, fruit and juice to make a delicious smoothie

4.Dip raw vegetables in plain yogurt

5.Use yogurt for salad dressing and dips

6.Serve plain yogurt on quesadillas, tacos, soups and chili—as an alternative to sour cream

Today I am sharing a healthy recipe for Mango yogurt smoothie bowl which can be whipped up in just 5 mins and can satisfy your sweet cravings and hunger pangs.By adding some cornflakes or Museli you can serve it as breakfast too.

My Contribution for #92nd #Foodiemonday #Bloghop theme #YOGURT my contribution is this simple and yummy Mango Yogurt Smoothie bowl.

Recipe for Mango Yogurt Smoothie bowl:


1 Ripe Mango Pureed

4 Tbsp Greek Yogurt

6 Physalis (Fresh fruit)

10 Raisins

6 Almonds grated

10 Organic dried Mulberries

2 Tsp Honey


Add Mango puree , Greek yogurt,honey and blend to get a smooth paste. Pour this mixture in a bowl . Garnish with raisins,grated almonds, organic dried mulberries ,Physalis and serve as a dessert.

Enjoy this healthy and yummy no fuss dessert at the comfort of your home.



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    Sounds delicious! Nice clicks!!

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    A healthy dessert smoothie Preethi. Looks very tempting.I think I should train my mind to think of yogurt based healthy desserts instead of thinking of ice cream and rich desserts.

    • - Post author

      Thank you Mayuri dee.These are definitely a healthier choice compared to rich desserts and ice cream.

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    This looks so delicious, Preethi 🙂
    I have also used yogurt for cold sauces for many years, much more healthy than the usual often made with mayonnaise.

    • - Post author

      Loved your way of making sauces using Yogurt.Thanks so much.

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        You are so welcome, I use Yogurt for many things in my kitchen and have done so for about 30 years.

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    Great captures and sounds delicious!

    • - Post author

      Thank you Sumith.You are always encouraging with your kind words.

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    Looks delicious!!!

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    It looks really delicious!! And yes, plain yogurt can be used anywhere, cheap and healthy!
    By the way, have you ever heard of the principles of Chinese medicine and nutrition? There are some balances that should be kept and it can really open one’s eyes about nutrition!
    We wrote about it, take a look!

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