Egg Curry (Andhra Style)

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Many of you love to have Eggs . Eggs are powerhouse of nutrition packed with protein and many vitamins and minerals.

My Kids love to have eggs and their favorite dish is Egg curry. I try to make something different each time.

This time I made egg curry (Andhra Style) that is spicy and tangy. It was finger licking good.


Recipe for Egg Curry (Andhra Style)


4 Boiled eggs without shell

3 Onions (Medium Sized) finely chopped

3 Garlic (cloves finely chopped)

1Inch Ginger finely chopped

2 Dry Red Chillies

1 Tsp Chilli Powder

½ Tsp Turmeric / Haldi

½ Tsp Cumin powder/ Jeera Powder

3/4/ Tbsp Coriander Powder/ Dhania Powder

4-5 Curry Leaves

½ Tsp Mustard Seeds / Rai

Salt to taste

¼ Tsp Sugar (Optional)

2 Tomatoes finely Chopped

1 Tbsp Tamrind Paste (soak tamrind in ¼ cup of hot water and grind)


Heat 1 Tsp of oil in a wok. Add ½ Tsp Red chilli powder and salt and shallow fry the eggs for 2 mins.

Keep the shallow fried eggs in a plate.

In the same wok, add the finely chopped onions, ginger and garlic. Once the onion turn slightly brown add the finely chopped tomatoes. Divide the mixture into 2 parts and allow it to cool. Once the mixture is at room temperature, grind one part into fine paste.

In the same wok , add a tsp of oil, add mustard seeds, dry red chilli, curry leaves, turmeric/haldi, add the second portion of the roasted onion and ginger garlic. Add the onion paste and roast for 10 seconds. Add Cumin/ Jeera powder, Coriander/ Dhania powder, balance red chilli powder, tamrind paste and mix well. Add ½ cup water and let it simmer for 5 to 7 mins. Add sugar and salt to taste. Cut the eggs into half and add it to the simmering gravy for 3 to 4 Mins.


Serve it with Phulkas/rotis or rice.







Multigrain Spinach Tikkis / Patties

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Pesh  hai dil se dilwale tikki.Totally guilt free and power packed as it is baked💖💖💖.
Flaxseed ,Quinoa,Finger millet,Palak,Potato,Corn…Is it not power packed??
A good way to incorporate veggies in your child’s diet.💪
With hot and spicy coriander chutney.
Zero oil. Best to eat while it is hot😊😊😊.
You can either bake it or shallow fry.

Recipe for Spinach Patties  /Palak Tikkis  :

A Bunch of fresh Palak /Spinach  chopped
1 Cup corn
2 Boiled potatoes
1Tsp garam masala
2 Tsp jeera powder
1/2 Tsp amchur powder
1 .5 Tsp chilli flakes
the sides of 3 slices of bread as the round centre portion is used as the base in the photograph.
2 Tsp bread crumbs
1 Tbsp flax seed powder(dry roasted and powdered)
1 Tbsp quinoa powder(dry roasted and powdered)
1 Tbsp finger millet/ Ragi powder(dry roasted and powdered)
1 Tbsp rice flour
Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp.
Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients and shape it as desired.Grease the top of the tikki with a little ghee.
Pre heat oven at 200C for 10 mins.
Grease the tray and place the tikki and bake it for 20 to 25 mins.

You can present this to your kids as mini burgers too.

As i have added flax seed ,Quinoa and ragi it is better to eat when hot.
In case you want to keep it for a longer time it is better to shallow fry.
PS:Ragi ,Quinoa and flax seed powders i make it in small quantities and keep it handy.

Recipe for Green Chutney:

A bunch of corriander chopped
4 chillies or as per your requirement
Salt to taste
Tamrind half of the size of gooseberry
1 tsp salt
Blend all the above ingredients together and serve with tikki.



Instant Kadhi Powder


Another  handy masala in my kitchen is Instant Kadhi Powder. I love it as it is easy to prepare and yummy too. I add vegetables of my choice and have it with Rotis/Chapatis. This is my mom’s recipe which will share with you today.

Recipe for Instant Kadhi Powder:

Jeera / Cumin Seeds  1Tsp
Dahania/ Coriander seeds  3 Tsp
red chillies 10-12 (as per your tolerance)
Putani / Bhuna Chana/ Roasted Gram 4 Tsp
Dry coconut  4-5 Tsp

Grind them together (raw).The powder is ready.



Multipurpose Masala Powder

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Masala Powders form an integral part of Indian Cooking. Thanks to my mom who introduced me to this Multipurpose Masala Powder. Being a working professional this masala makes my life easier. I have it handy all the time.I can cook varieties in a jiffy.

I use it to make Puliogre Rice, Gojju (Sweet tangy gravy from Karnataka) and Gojju Avalakki / Tangy Beaten Rice or Poha.

I am going to share my Mom’s recipe today.

Recipe for Multipurpose Masala Powder:


1. Roasted and powdered Black Sesame Seeds  50 Gms

2. Roasted and powdered White Sesame Seeds 150 Gms

3. Roasted and Powdered Tamrind 150 Gms

4. Roasted and powdered Cumin / Jeera  1.5 Tsp

5. Roasted and powdered Fenugreek/ Methi     3/4 Tsp

6. Hing   1/4 Tsp

7. Dry Coconut Grated and powdered coarsely 200 Gms

8. Rasam Powder  8 Tsp

All the above need to be roasted and powdered separately.

For Tadka/ Seasoning

Mustard Seeds / Rai  1 Tsp

Channa Dal / Split Bengal Gram 2 Tsp

Urad Dal/ Split Black Gram  2 Tsp

Handful Curry Leaves

Dry Red Chilli 5-6

Peanuts   100 Gms

Jaggery finely grated  1 Tbsp

Oil  100 ml

Salt to Taste


Heat the oil in a pan. Add Channa dal ,Urad dal ,Peanuts and roast for 1 min on medium flame. Add mustard seeds, dry red chillies, grated jaggery, curry leaves and salt.Mix well  and switch off the flame. Mix all the ingredients from No 1 to No 8.

Store it in a airtight Container.


Corn & Capsicum Kadhi

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Kadhi is one of my favorite dish. My Mom used to make Kadhi without using Besan or Gram Flour. I always used to have it with steaming hot rice and Ghee. Absolute Bliss!! I miss those days now.

I make different types of Kadhi and here is a variation to the normal Onion Kadhi. Absolute comfort food that make me drool any time of the day. I love simple food that is easy to cook ,yummy and healthy at the same time.

We should enjoy these simple pleasure in life.

Recipe for Corn & Capsicum Kadhi:

Ingredients: 1 Onion finely chopped

1 Cup Besan/ Gram Flour

2 .5 cups of yogurt

1/2 Glass water

1 Capsicum cut into pcs

1 Cup corn Kernels

2 Green chillies

1 Tsp Jeera/ Cumin Seeds

1/4 Tsp Haldi/ Turmeric

1/4 Tsp Hing/ Asafoetida

1/2 Tsp Chilli powder

Few Methi seeds/ Fenugreek

Salt to taste.

Fresh Coriander to garnish

Pinch of Coarse Pepper Powder to Garnish

Method: Mix Besan / Gram flour and curd and ensure there are no lumps.

Heat 2 tsp oil in a wok. Add jeera, hing, haldi, methi seeds, Green chillies and chilli powder. Add the chopped onions and roast till they turn brown. Once the onions are done add the corn kernels and capsicum. Roast for 5 mins. Add the besan mixture and Keep stirring till it blends well with the veggies and the raw besan smell is gone .Add water and salt to taste.If you are eating immediately add less water. The gravy becomes thick later on.Let it boil for 5 mins. Switch off the stove.

Garnish with Pepper powder and Coriander and serve hot with Rice and Ghee or Phulkas.



Clear Veggie Soup

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Soups are an integral part of my diet. I make it everyday for my family. A soup loaded with Veggies  is yummy and nutritious. My kids love to have it and I am glad as they don’t whine to eat the veggies.It takes very less time to prepare. Recipe For Clear Soup:

1 Tomato chopped into medium size pcs
1/2 carrot cut into medium size pcs
1 onion cut into medium size pcs
Asparagus 3 nos cut into 1″pcs
1/2 bell pepper cut into medium size pcs
3 pcs of cucumber
1/4 cup corn kernels
A little ginger grated(optional)
1 garlic pod chopped finely.

Take a thick bottom vessel and add 3 glasses of water(big glass).Add all the above mention veggies.Boil them till the water level reduces to half.Sprinkle some salt and pepper and enjoy the soup.

It is very easy ,healthy and yummy.


Herbed Paneer / Herbed White Cottage Cheese

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Paneer or White Cottage Cheese is very popular in Indian Cuisine. There are varieties of dishes that can be made using Paneer ranging from curries to sweets.Paneer is a rich source of Protein. Paneer can be store bought or homemade. There is nothing compared to homemade Paneer.

My Kids love Paneer and that is what motivated me to make Paneer at home. I have added some herbs and made Herbed Paneer.

Recipe for Herbed Paneer:


2 Litres Whole Milk

1 Tsp Citric Acid

100 ML Warm Water

½ Tsp Coarsely ground Pepper

½ Tsp Italian Herbs


Heat the milk in a large saucepan over medium heat until it reaches a full boil. Lower the flame. Dilute the Citric acid in warm water till the granules are fully dissolved.

Slowly stir in the citric acid. Continue to stir as large curds form and the whey becomes yellowish (approx 20-30 seconds). Remove saucepan from burner and let it sit undisturbed for 20 minutes, until the curds have settled to the bottom of the pan.

Meanwhile, line a colander with a clean muslin cloth . Scoop the curds into the colander. Rinse them under cool running water for 15 to 20 seconds. Gather up the four corners of the muslin and hang the curds for about 30 minutes, until there is no more whey dripping from the curds or if you are in a hurry you can gently squeeze the bag of curds to remove excess whey.

Open the muslin add pepper and Italian herbs and shape the curds into desired shape. Carefully fold the muslin back .Place the wrapped Paneer on a plate or tray that can collect whey. Put a heavy iron skillet or other heavy object on top of the wrapped Paneer for 30 to 40 minutes.

Unwrap the herbed Paneer, cut it into pcs and store it in an airtight container    in the refrigerator until ready to use. If refrigerated, it can stay fresh for 4-7      days.